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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Yeah man long time no talk!

Battle Squadron uses a special driver for music, it isn't Protracker as far as I know and I can't tell right now how it works but there is a chance the music was done in less channels than 4.

The problem is people not properly coordinating, usually the composer was left to do what they wanted and then the coder did likewise and the result was shit. There's also the case some times that because of whatever reason, the composer would switch channels for the same instruments, and this would introduce problems too because some times you would mute that and some times not.

phx's driver, if I remember correctly, would detect the least used or "best if muted" channel and play the SFX in it. Try SQRXZ and see what you think of how it deals with channel muting. Now, patching games to include a different music/sfx routine, I would think, it's more complicated than it seems.

With PSG systems it's a lot easier to circumvent these problems, especially when you don't have hard panning of stereo (another problem).
And there's also the chance of music drivers that, by software, create more than the 4 channels the Amiga hardware has (case of TFMX driver in Factor 5 games)
I didn't know about SQRXZ, looks like a sweet game!

The games that use more than 4 channels normally will already have music + sfx anyway, so no need to worry about those.

I had thought about the hard stereo panning and I'd imagine this would be a problem too. I believe certain games use 2 channels for music and 2 for sfx exactly to be able to have the sfx playing at either left or right channel.

Battle Squadron music works with Deliplayer, and it shows 4 channels there.

I am not even thinking about a new music/sfx routine, just something that turns both music and SFX at the same time, loads both in memory , let the SFX have priority over music, and just hope for the best. I am not sure even this is possible, I am certain trying to change how a game plays sfx/music, make it choose the best channel for muting etc, would be extremely difficult to do.
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