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[Ongoing] Monsters of Terror V1.1

Maybe you know Monsters of Terror?

Unfortunately, I cannot change options on my CD32, because the menu can only be controlled with KEYBOARD!

Plan: Create Monsters of Terror V1.1 with 100% joypad control.
(and maybe add one or two features - any suggestions?)

I already found the source code on an old disk and successfully reassembled everything.

New features for V1.1:
- Joypad controlled menu (for CD32)
- New default settings: 1 player and 3 computer players (more action)
- bug fixed: players no longer got stucked with disabled vertical movement

- disable mouse
- check powerup placement
- improve computer players
- Terrox should not drop powerups in bossroom
- BUG: crashes with tools that place bitmaps in fastmem (might not get fixed)
- it would be nice to load user-defined samples (maybe)
- it would be nice to have highscores (maybe)

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