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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
No, Olaf Barthel has just posted here on this page and I can't see why he should do that. There is probably not enough space for a new workbench.library and icon.library in a 512 kB ROM.
You are correct, this boils down to a space issue first. Also, it's unclear (to me) if the icon.library code works well in ROM, how the licensing issues look like, and how the code would be maintained in the future.

Looking two steps ahead: the big unsolved problem is not with icon.library by itself, but with how workbench.library performs the directory scanning and window update. This part of the game really, really stinks, has always stunk since Workbench became part of Kickstart.

Workbench is at its heart one lumbering single-threaded application which can scan one single directory at a time and can't do anything else except refresh the window and allow you to close it (even redrawing the window contents when necessary is painful). The whole lump of scanning directories, showing the contents as text or icons, putting icons and their corresponding files and directories together, is as tightly integrated as one might except and very hard to change. But change it must, after some 30 years.

Question is how to do that with icon.library if it has to be made to fit. Right now, warts and everything, the AmigaOS 3.9 icon.library seems more malleable in that respect. I'm frankly scared of changing a 10,000+ line assembly language implementation (that's about the size of exec.library with the autodocs removed), more scared of testing the changes.
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