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I really dont care if it is either inside or outside rom. I just care that we get the best option there is. Loading it from disk is an option, or even having the old 3.1 icon.library in rom modified with a loader that first searches for a disk based one, and if not found, goes back loading the old 3.1 from rom. There are many solutions for this.

I just see that your icon.library is the the most feature rich and faster implementation out there. I would just hate to get a slower, buggy and underperforming one for the update (like we did with 3.9).

Then, they could just build the rom with the old v40 icon.library with a clever modified loader which checks first if enough memory/cpu power is available and there is a disk based version, it loads that one (your version), and if not it just loads the v40 one (from rom). This will still save precious rom space, keep backwards compatibility and enable the use of your version if the system is ready for it. And even if the user decides to, he can simply delete your version from libs: and the system will default to v40 which sits in rom.

There is always a workaround

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