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Originally Posted by ChefDeadpool View Post
I would love to see any of the x68000 Record of Lodoss War titles on Amiga, but this is probably a pipe dream.
The funny thing is that games like those would be the easiest to get working. Tons of RPGs and such were developed for PC-98/X68000/FM-Towns using the exact same codebase and have entirely CPU-driven graphics and don't use the sprite engine/etc. of the X68000 at all. Usually the X68000 version would have more colors and that would be the only difference (using same FM synth code as PC-98, or MIDI).

In the end the patches to get these running on an Amiga would be extremely similar to say, Shapeshifter's virtualization to deal with graphical differences, storage access etc., and you'd need a software FM or software/hardware MIDI implementation for the sound. I have no idea what the CPU overhead for emulating those old FM synth chips is, but with sound disabled even a slow 68020 with an RTG card could probably run all base X68000 games of this type perfectly. Running on AGA would be a taller order due to C2P overhead so you'd need a faster CPU.
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