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I use my real Amiga because CSPPC's emulation (more pointed to 060's MMU I'm sure) isn't as accurate yet as my Amiga 4000 Desktop's CSPPC. Even if I switch off "Fastest possible" "Black Gold" even with the updates from WHDLoad, still plays faster through WinUAE and is always accurate with my real Amiga. Most games are like this. I'm okay with switching that off and having "Accurate A500/1200..." enabled to get the almost correct speeds when playing.

As Toni has commented, and I very much agree, I wouldn't go so far as calling them 100% accurate and though I've donated a couple times and more to come, it's effort and passion that drives this project. I can see where the different parts will become better and it'll soon be "An Amiga Like" as much as possible. But a replacement for the hardware? Not yet, and understandably so. The Amiga, hardware and software is complex.

There have been times I've hoped the 68060(MMU) emulation were better but I've watched it being improved. That's why I donate once in a while, as able. I don't offer many bug reports because that requires more effort than I've been able to do (Family and other stuff.."in the way", haha.)

But it's a very good current state, the betas are pretty awesome. I sometimes wonder what "bored" actually means when Toni types it...because I wouldn't consider it boring, but I think that means would like more donations than he's or the Team is getting.

I adore the "Save State" for floppy games, but I play other games and use utilities with WinUAE from my emulated CSPPC and Picasso 4. So, all in all, it's in very, very good shape and improving.

The Amiga wasn't done, I can see where plans were to make the Motherboard even better and had the development continued it would have become even more awesome. That's how I view WinUAE. Lots and lots of High 5's to Toni, and only he and the developers know how "Complete" it is under the hood (code).

Personally, if I left all the switches on to keep CSPPC's zer060 from being enabled/disabled for "normal" speed, it's slower than my Amiga 4000. At least a little. I'd like to see that improve but those are a lot of details under the hood being taken care of. Until then, "Fast as possible" is easily switched. Sometimes, the 2nd "Cycle Exact DMA Memmory Acess" has to be enabled.

I'm not a speed junky, and I'm not into Instant Gratification, I remember doing a lot of things from floppies so my friends call me incredibly patient, but that's now how I view things. Anyway, I DO like the speed of WinUAE though Blizzard PPC's PPC and zer060 has some bugs, the speed is sweet and I've used WinUAE to setup and copy stuff to my real Amigas.

My .02 cents. I appreciate both 68K and PPC. Some times I wish Amiga OS was ported to AMD and Intel, I'm not an Intel fan, per-se, but it would make it more open to development and more people would get to know it. As Toni has commented and this is not exact, I think the current owners are more into politics than the passion of why the Amiga was made in the first place
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