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IMHO this is wrong question, like there is only one choice. There is always good reasons for both real hardware and emulation, it is never black and white and they are not mutually exclusive or sort of competitors.

"Complete" is also not that simple. I'd use "feature complete" to mean high level things (like instructions) work as documented without including timing, memory access order etc. Only 100% fully complete is 68000 emulation.

MMU is feature complete (except 68851 but no one cares or uses 68851-only features), FPU is feature complete and accurate (softfloat mode) in 3.4.1. All CPUs are feature complete.

PPC emulation compatibility equals QEMU. If there are problems, they may be fixed in later QEMU versions but I am not interested in any PPC-only optimizations (for example filesystem/RTG could work much faster than currently) without, lets say, incentives..

Paula sound (or did you mean sound cards?) is accurate and complete, any glitches are due to other problems (usually lack of CPU time because something else wasted it too much) that don't have anything to do with sound emulation.
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