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WinUAE Development. Better than the real thing...yet?

As someone who has followed the development of the Amiga emulation and contributed on the Lazarus project back in the Mid 90s I have come to admit that WinUAE has reached a point where it has become my main preference of the Retro Amiga computing. These days I find myself less and less willing to fire up my real Amigas. The last few years have been excellent thanks to Tony's work with advances in PPC emulation and PC Bridgeboards.

I find WinUAE to work almost perfectly in all aspects of the emulation except the Audio portion where even today I am still getting some audio stuttering.

Without remembering all the inner workings of WinUAE how would you rate your overall experience with the emulation in regards with the following aspects?

- 020/030 Emulation
- 040/060 Emulation
- PPC Emulation
- Sound Emulation
- RTG Emulation
- MMU/FPU Emulation

Does anyone know how "Complete" the 68060 Emulation is?


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