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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Thanks for those links - I didn't find anything, but then again I didn't know what words to search for.
Question is then which one to choose. The difference seems to be that #2 has Cadmium in it and melts at 70 deg instead of 100 deg.
But #1 also doesn't seem to ship to other than German-speaking countries, so maybe I should try the homemade stuff from #2.
This is very good question - both are eutectic alloys and this means that melting point is valid only for particular composition - adding more lead or tin can dramatically change melting point - best alloy will be non eutectic however i'm not sure is there any reasonable (price) non eutectic alloy that will melt bellow 100 C deg.

Perhaps both are OK not sure on this - price seems to be reasonable - alternative source to ebay can be any chemicals distributor that sells for example Merck or similar companies products.
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