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It's one line that is misleading, I'll change it. You are the first to get so worked up about it. As fitzsteve said, the P96 pack is meant for emulators, but it can be converted. I simply don't have the knowledge to write a detailed tutorial as I don't have the hardware to test - but there are those that can help.

Every other pack apart from the P96 (and UAE versions) work on real Amigas out of the box, so I think its a bit harsh what you said but perhaps your just firing from the hip after feeling frustrated.

As I mentioned above, for real Amigas its best to start with the ADVSP and add what you require specifically for your Amiga hardware. I make general packs for regular Amiga's, and always state they are just a base install to give you a head start, not a complete solution. I've never done specific packs covering drivers for addon hardware. I think AmigaSYS may be better in that regards, but other users haven't had issues with modifying the packs for their own setups.

Of course it was never my intention to annoy, but the packs are what they are. If someone wants to release packs optimized for addon Amiga hardware rather than my general approach, they are free to do so and I'll include the packs on my webpage. I'm not in a position to do that myself however, as I have no way to test.

Also if anyone gets around to writing an RTG tutorial, I'll put that up too. It took AmiKit years to release a RTG tutorial for getting it to run on real Amiga's, as Fitzsteve said it requires a little work, but perhaps there is some useful info on their webpage with regards to converting the P96 pack successfully.

EDIT: The Amikit real Amiga guide PDF is here:

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