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Originally Posted by 8bitbubsy View Post
I'll bump this thread:
Why on earth is there no tutorial for installing ClassicWB P96 on a real Amiga with an RTG? The ClassicWB P96 page says "UAE emulator recommended". It's like "This is for a real Amiga, but we recommend running it in an Amiga emulator", then they're like "We only have instructions for running this in an emulator, well f*** you if you want it on a real Amiga."

I even tried to install Picasso96 from scratch again on the P96 setup, and still the same "Can't set up Picasso96 board" thing error message that Retrofan got. And why have ClassicWB P96 and ClassicWB UAE if the P96 one is meant for an Amiga emulator only? This makes me pissed off, was it intentional to piss off users like that?
Thats not a very nice post mate after the work Bloodwych goes to on these packs.

The P96 pack is designed for WinUAE, AHI, Picasso96, etc are all setup to work with UAE drivers.

Advanced RTG Workbenches are custom to each individual setup, there is no pack you can just download that would work, you need to start from a basic install and add the support your self.

Now I do run the P96 as well as my own Workbenches on real Amiga's so it can be done but you need some paitence in setting it up.

After your rant though I'm not really sure I want to spend the time talking you through it.

Again, there is no tutorial because it would be completely different depending on your setup, i.e if you had a Mediator PCI or if you had just Zorro Cards, some RTG cards don't even support Picasso96.

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