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Ultimate 64 announced!!

Gideon from 1541U fame, has just revealed his new project: the Ultimate 64!

It's a full FPGA hardware implementation of the C64 plus the inclusion of the 1541 Ultimate II hardware/software on board!


Summed up features at this moment:
- "Pretty good" compatibility achieved so far
- Uses standard 12V PSU (included)
- Compatibility with legacy C64 peripherals (it's a motherboard replacement) except USER PORT ones (without modification, can add a cable to pin headers available at board)
- HDMI output at 576p50Hz (PAL), no frame buffer so it is silky smooth. Scanlines effect
- Standard PAL (supports Composite and Y/C) and HDMI output simultaneously
- Support for 6581/8580 SIDs plus emulated one (from 1541U I suppose), all available as well on the HDMI output
- Full cartridge support

Estimated price so far: €199

VERY excited about this one!!

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