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It's ... guess the game letters

Inspired by two game threads by Pseudo_Intellectual on MobyGames:,2/dgb,4/dgm,146416/,2/dgb,4/dgm,146420/

I thought it would be nice to have a similar game on EAB. It shares some similarity with Guess the game collage but here people will have an easier time to create new entries.

The aim of the game is simple: give the name of each game/company name the letters composing the Amiga-related word come from.

I propose we use letters from game titles, company logos and maybe cover art(?).

First person to get all the correct answers will make the next entry? Or have it as a free competition and anyone can take turns? I don't really care actually, just want to have some fun .

I made a quick and easy first entry (4 games and 1 company logo).

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