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Is Flashback an original Amiga game?

I guess that the answer will be very short:no or it was created simultaneously in PC and Amiga but Flashback is one of those games that uses the color very well and if the graphics had been created first in PC then the Amiga graphics would not be so good IMO.What is clear is that the graphics had to be created in one of them first,the question is Amiga or PC...?

Cruise for a Corpse look very good in Amiga too,maybe it was created in Amiga first too...PC version has crap sound in this game,aren't Delphine games better developed relatively in Amiga than in PC?that gives a clue about which priority had Delphine.

Flight of the Amazon Queen is certainly original of Amiga and use the color great,it can serve like example to my reasoning.
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