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Winuae 0.8.21 r2 speed issues

Like most guys, I was using Winuae 0.8.8 r9 for a long time, considering every new release of Winuae was slower and slower in my PC.

After hearing some good stuff about the new Winuae 0.8.21 r9 , I just downloaded...

I am gobsmacked by the new array of options, the sound is much better, and it doesn't seem to slowdown the emulation THAT much, and the emulator also deals with screen much better than before. And it's even a bit faster than the other versions..

But.. it's still rather slow, but I bet it has something to do with the fact I can't configure it properly. I also admit I only tested a few games, some work at a pretty decent speed (Ruff 'n' Tumble for example), other are just a bit slow (Battle Squadron) , and some are terribly slow (Jim Power).

If you guys could give me some tips to speed up the emulator (Even the most obvious tips, as I am completely stupid anyway ) , I would be really thankfull.
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