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Lightbulb Any interested in buying NEW PPC and 68K accelerators for A1200?

Who would be interested in buying brand new A1200 accelerators in the following prizes?
Please be serious, I intent to visit a foreign source on a forthcoming business trip, and I will judge the credibility my self, but I must know if there is any interest first....

Apollo 1240 @ 40mhz ~105euro
Blizzard 1260 @ 50mhz ~180euro
Blizzard PPC 603e/160mhz + 040/25mhz ~180euro
Blizzard PPC 603e/200mhz + 040/40mhz ~210euro
Blizzard PPC 603e/200mhz + 060/50mhz ~300euro

NOTHING is final, and everything can be a big dissapointment.... I just want to see if it will be worthing my time/money invested....
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