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This is one I saw in another thread that made me scratch my head for a while is using add dx,dx to simultaneously test and clear a "flag". For example you have a loop where you are setting a flag from 0 to 1 if something occurred. Then at the end of the loop you check the flag to see if you need to loop again and reset the flag (sorting routine I did this in).

Instead of:
	moveq	#0,d0			;reset flag
	;If something occured, flag it
	moveq	#1,d0
	;Do we need to loop again?
	tst.w	d0
	bne.s	.loop
Do this:
	moveq	#0,d0			;reset flag once
	;If something occured, flag it
	moveq	#-128,d0		;set flag = $80 ($fffffff80)
	;Do we need to loop again? Also reset flag
	add.b	d0,d0
	bcs.s	.loop
Can do the same thing with subq and bmi, but I liked the use of carry
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