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Originally Posted by Zener View Post
thanks for the suggestions, they are very appreciated. They are complicated to implement but I agree they would be a very good addition.

Number 3 is actually already implemented, you just need to set up the game to use more colors. For example, if your tiles are 16 colors and your sprites are 16 colors, you can set up the game to be a 32 color game. Then each level can have a different tileset with its own 16 color palette. Check this video at 1:10:00 or so: [ Show youtube player ]
For animation loops, you would have to program the loops in a table.
For each table matches to an animation loop.
Example: Players composed of 5 sprites
TabSprite:Array=[Sprite 1, Sprite 2, Sprite 3, Sprite 4, Sprite 5] Either a loop on the table of TabSprite[0] -> TabSprite[4].
We get an animation loop with this table.
After, we create a TabSpriteMirror mirror table by inverting the x data in the TabSprite table.

Number 3 : using with the same palette throughout the game or a separate palette for each level?
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