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Configuration for best sound fidelity?


I was playing some MODs with WinUAE, and was curious to find out how to configure UAE and Windows for the best sound fidelity in comparison to the real machine.

I have seen many other threads asking about a similar question, but they generaly ask about the sound quality. Note that I am talking about sound fidelity and not sound quality.

The problem is that I can't myself find that, because I don't own my Amiga 500 more since a looong time ago, and at the same time, I never had the chance to hear the sound from one of them near me anymore.

So what is the best configuration for the sound depth and frequency, to give to the WinUAE sound the same feel of the real machine?

And the interpolation filter, is it indispensable to nicely emulate the sound of the Paula chip? Is there any difference with it or without?


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