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Originally Posted by Zener View Post
Could you explain me what is your expected behavior for buttons?

Like fire1 is same as red (or not), this kind of thing
As explain in my old post, i replaced the buttons Up, fire1 and fire2 with the CD32 buttons. Their behavior is not the same.

Prerequisites :
In the code, I blocked up to three bullets , you can not shoot more than 3 bullets.

Look at the behavior fire with button CD32, the three bullets are launched at the same time.
This behavior is NOT correct:

Normaly with fire1 or fire2 buttons , the three bullets are launched separately each time the key is pressed (Maxi 3).
This behavior is correct :

For resume, the behavior of the CD32 buttons is not correct compared to the fire1, fire2, Up, Down, Right, Left behaviors.

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