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Originally Posted by AmigaHope View Post
Don't use that jumper! Always use the early startup menu or some other tool to switch PAL/NTSC. That jumper seems to work fine at worst, but it causes AmigaOS to expect the correct crystal for that system instead of correcting for the different crystal.

E.g. if you have an NTSC A4000 and jumper it to PAL, it will assume you have a PAL crystal and time everything accordingly, even though you have an NTSC crystal. This will cause some subtle timing errors, in particular your system clock will drift.

If you do want to use that jumper, make sure you swap the crystal as well.
Whoa! I had no idea on that! Well crap, I wonder if that has been mucking with my PPC one then? How do you actually know you have a PAL 4000 or not, because I always thought that was kind of the reason Commodore put that on there, so they could just ship with a jumper set instead of a whole different board. Also, I thought the timing was all based on the crystal on the CPU card.
Edit: Holy crap, so all this time some of the random wonkiness was probably due to that. Freespace actually launched in OS4.1, but was gnarly for sure, under 3.9 it worked great (though I only got as far as loading up the docking bay after creating a pilot name). Gonna have to try some more things, would be wonderful if that fixed all my issues, I had no idea!

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