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Originally Posted by SquawkBox View Post
AofE II definitive edition isn't issued yet (two more months waiting, check it here), so the OP
must be struggling with some pre-release version ridden with bugs. While you Shoons must have downloaded the 2013 released HD edition,
a much more polished version if I ain't being mislead.
You are quite off there, buddy.

Age of Empires Definitive Edition is remastered first game that is out now on steam (Shooney) and xBox Game Pass (myself). We are both talking about the same game, and yes, it requires minimum 1GB video card (my normal setup) and performs much better with 2GB and up video cards. (my other computer has 4GB video card)

What I don't understand that well optimized game used to run well even on Pentium 133MHz, how come this one requires so much more resources.

We both have AoE2 HD (now called 2013), and that game has nothing to do with this release of first game.

Attached is screenshot from user menu from this edition.
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