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I would second jmmijo's opinion, put SSD into that sucker will make it fly and run faster than when was originally purchased.

As for games, it can play many good games, such as..

Earlier Civilization Games
Warcraft 1 -3
Master of Orion (1-3)
Master of Magic (Dos under Win98)
Star Wars games (X-Wing, Tie Figher, X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, Dark Force, Dark Force 2....)
Lots of adventure games... (The Dig, Monkey Island series, etc.)

You might have some issues getting some DOS games to run, but if you have any questions, please PM me.

It takes some time to properly setup Win98SE to run without any issues DOS games, as long as you can find correct drivers for sound card and CD-ROM.

I have bunch of old laptops, but none of them support Win98 / dos drivers.

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