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Originally Posted by kamelito View Post
@Tsak what paint program is used?
Originally Posted by carrion View Post
That is really well done in the color planing department.
Being a pixel artist myself and a bit of a coder I know how hard it is if you just use a regular tools (grafx2 for example) for such tasks.
So my question is: Did you guys, as a profesional team consider to do your own tools for this? I ask because a tool like this for copperised OCS pics is something I dream about. I know it would help others to work on Amiga games gfx.
And btw Atari guys have something like this for doing 8bit Atari gfx it's called graph2font and it allows to pixel and choose colors every line - super useful.
We use a combination of Photoshop and ProMotionNG to do the pixel art. I'm personally very accustomed using Photoshop for my pixel work all these years so I've setup a nice workflow with it.

In regards to ProMotionNG, Mike happens to be the co-creator of the program and it's an AMAZING tool, specifically made for pixel art and working with limited palettes. ProMotionNG is the equivalent of DPaint for Pcs and provides the whole range of tools you'd fing in it, plus many more. To name a few stuff, you can select indexed palettes and color ranges for most of the classic retro systems and consoles (including Amiga), play with brushes, create update/tweak and manage tilesets, have layers and animations. It also has blending color tools (which uses your defined palette without messing with alpha), dithering options and even color cycling.

Now in regards to the copper tricks I mentioned above there isn't any specific/specialised option available, so the job is mostly done manually with the use of layers and having the copper stripes available as guides.
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