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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
Most people loved the look (including me).
What I think, some of the people are bothered a little bit, is that buildings goes (maybe) too much towards purple.
Here I did some quick CC test in PS.

I personally like most when buildings go to towards a (desaturated) yellow a little bit.

But this is only (my amateur) theory and who knows what problems can cause.
And it's easy to make adjustment in PS... in actual game, it's another story.
Also, the character needs to pop out, so the background should be pretty neutral.

All in all, whatever they choose, it will be great... I am already perfectly happy with graphics, as it is.
The building colours are fine imo, they don’t always have to look a dowdy brown/grey colour all the time in games, its refreshing they have chosen off the wall (no pun intended) building colours, plus the characters stand out massively with the well chosen colour palette anyway so the homework had been well and clearly done on the graphics before any Amiga code had been done.
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