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Ok attempted with the different pack..I dont know what Im doing wrong. I got the ClassicWB. It finds my 3.0 Workbench disk no problems at all...goes to install...only puts the files C and S on my AmigaHD HD0: and tells me its done.

these are my exact steps.

Load WinUAE
Set config to match or better min specs
Add Hard Drive called AmigaHD.hdf
Add PC drive where is
Load with Workbench 3.0
Format Hard Drive
Copy to AmigaHD
Reboot with ClassicWB_Install.adf in DF0:
Welcome screen comes up --> Hit Return
Warning about HD0: --> Hit return
Insert 3.0 disk screen -->Put in Workbench30.adf in DF0:
Hit ok
Hit return
It checks the version and says Valid Version Found.
I hit Return
It takes maybe 5 seconds and says its done.
I reboot with no floppies.
It comes to CLI screen and sits
If I boot with workbench disk and look at my Amiga HD it only has C and S files.

Im at a loss.

--Update-- I managed to see the error on the screen while installing...

It says Cannot find period.

I've tried renaming to just luck that way either.


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