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Originally Posted by Glen M View Post
Thanks for the kind words.

I have 2 old pentium 4 machines in the garage that need some work so a windows 98 rig may be a good option although I have a nice pentium 2 rig begging for a tidy up and windows 98 setup.

Next week I'll be starting into a new Amiga project so stay tuned for that.

My best advice for starting out and cameras etc is to use your phone. I spent a fair few pound on cameras and webcam etc but for the last while I've just been using my phone to record with at 1080p and its the best quality I have ever produced. Heck it can do 4K but my pc isn't powerful enough to edit at those resolutions. Get yourself a tripod, a mount for the phone and if you want an external microphone.
Thank you Very Much on the Advice I have a Samsung Galaxy J5 would this Suffice for Recording? I do Believe I already have a Tripod Somewhere so it would just be External Mic. I Really want to Partition the Drive on my Asus 478 Rig so that I have Xp as Well as 98SE, but have yet to Find a Partition Manager for Windows 98. F Disk is Far too Native to Set the Drive up to how I would like it to be to get this to Work, and I have no Means of External IDE Connection for my New PC. Amiga has Fascinated me ever Since I could Walk and Talk so I Will Stay tuned for that. I had a A500 with a TF530 but Recently Sold it Due to Relocation and Just Kept my A1200 :-) I hope to see a Possible Video on the P4's in the Future Maybe and what you have Planned for them? I got too Many Bits here as well so if ever you are Struggling to Find anything I may be worth a Try haha :-)
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