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Episode 2 is now online

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Join me as we take a look into Fightin Spirit. For me personally the closest we ever got on the Amiga to a true Street Fighter clone.

So I did try this time to shorten the recording through editing but its still over 20 minutes. Maybe I should have cut more out rather than letting the game run at times but its my trying to ensure I cover everything and show enough of everything to get a feel for the game across. I find sometimes game review videos are over before they start but I think I'll find a natural video length the more I get into it.

I tried this time to script the intro and ending. Don't know to be sure maybe comes across a bit forced. I don't mind writing these types of things and they sound good in my head but by the time its out my mouth (when I can speak lol).... I'm not sure.

Give it a watch if you have time and as always I welcome any comments, suggestions or criticisms.
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