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Originally Posted by Nibbler View Post
Beside the missing Background layer, there is a annoying thing going on when a mouse is plugged in (and a plugged in mouse is pretty much standard on an amiga)
I reported this bug on the tracking system a LONG time ago but on the AGA version, and I am not sure what happened because I lost track and I received no new notifications, but Stingray was looking into it (someone just kept telling me "this is fine" repeatedly, until he stepped in :/)

Mantis has it marked as "assigned" to him but not fixed, so I guess he never got round to do it.

Next time you have bugs about WHDLoad slaves, post them there, not here.

All slave devs look there more than they do here and it's the only way to be able to keep track of who fixed what or not.

[edit] ahh Stingray beat me to it. So he is working on it. There you go.
Stingray, hope you also do the AGA version which has those shitty controller issues!
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