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Looking at the mold images on the kickstarter update #10 the images prompt a few questions.

Examination of "Photo - 3 : Positve Mold 2":

I can see a group of 16 1x1.25 size keys at the top in 4 rows of 4 keys, 12 of these are needed for top row keys (A600 Esc, F1 to F10 and A600 Help) and 4 are needed for bottom row keys (L.Alt, L.Amiga, R.Amiga, and normal R.Alt). So here is the first issue, the first stretch goal had extra Alt and Amiga keys (raising the total key count from 108 to 112 keys, I never understood the purpose of this anyway), 3 of those are bottom row 1x1.25 keys. There don't appear to be corresponding keys for them in the mold (the remaining 1x1.25 key between the return keys should be the Ctrl key profile).

Moving down the image there seems to be a group of 3 1x1.5 size keys and a 1x2 size key on the left (all rotated 90 degrees?). The numerals row of the Keyboard begins with a 1x1.5 size key for the `~ key and on the full keyboard includes 1x1.5 size Del and Help keys, so all good there so far. The next row on the keyboard begins with the TAB key which is 1x2 size so could be a match for the the other key in that area of the mold.

The group middle right is 2 1x1.75 and 2 1x2 size keys (some/all rotated 90 degrees?). the 1x1.75 size keys should be the short Shift keys (2 for an A600 or 1 or none for full size keyboard), good so far. Now the only remaining 1x2 or 2x1 keys are the numeric keypad 0 and Enter but one of them is a 'white' symbolic key and the other is a 'grey function' key. The big question is can these colours be mixed on the same mold in one go or does it need 2 complete sets to get both colours?

Next are the 2 Return keys with the Ctrl Key mentioned above between them. All good.

Finally 2 1x3 size long Shift keys (1 or both for a full size keyboard).

So that accounts for all the larger than 1x1 keys (except Space bars), but can the mold produce a full set in one go or is a second set needed for the stretch goal keys and/or another set for the white numeric pad 0 key for dual colour keycap sets? Seems very wasteful if so.

Examination of Photos 1 and 2 show a mold with the 2 Space bars and what looks like 36 1x1 keys in various profiles. 1x1 size keys appear on all 6 rows of the full keyboard in various quantities but mostly the middle 4 rows. There are a total of 70 1x1 keys on an A1200 keyboard excluding Caps Lock (A600 has only 55 and none on the top row). On the top row of the full keyboard it begins with a 1x1 Esc key all other keys on that row are larger. The bottom row of the full keyboard also has just 1 1x1 size key, the numeric pad '.' key but the A600 has 4, the short R.Alt and 3 of the 'grey' Cursor keys.

An image and video on Indie Retro news shows another mold that seems to have 10 rows of 4 1x1 keys, so 40 total. When added to the 36 on the other mold it gives a total of 76. That would seem to be enough for the 70 a1200 keys and 6 keys unique to the a600, the already discussed short R.Alt and 3 of the cursor keys plus the remaining 'grey' Cursor Up key and the short Del key. Which brings us back to the question of colours. For a set of dual colour keys will both molds need to be used twice with a pair of space bars and many other 1x1 keys being discarded or can the mold take either both colours channelled to the appropriate keys at once (unlikely) or each of the colours separately but with only part of the mold being injected each time? Either way for dual colour set production wouldn't it be more efficient if the numeric pad 0 was on the mold with the space bars then the set up and running of the special keys modl would be simpler.

Finally the 76 1x1 keys doesn't allow for the stretch goal extra short Alt key as far as I can see.
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