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There was one game that was compatible with SAGE.

Megafortress of all games. On disk one there is a last minute txt file that has the following content:

== START ==

Changes made to Amiga Megafortress after the manual addendum was printed:

- SAGE support was added

SAGE, the Standard Amiga Graphics Extension, allows programs to access
extended graphics hardware without having to know the specifics of that
hardware. Amiga Megafortress will put its 3D graphics displays on the
first SAGE board it finds, if you specify a mode number to use on the
Megafortress command line.

For example, from CLI, to run Megafortress on your SAGE display using
Mode 2, then you would type "Mega 2".

== SNIP ==

From an old post from 1992 here:
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