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Oracle Virtualbox 6.0.24 - anything higher and it breaks Amithlon initiating the kernel vesa framebuffer.

Setup a standard DOS system.
1 GB ram, 1 CPU
16 MB Video Memory
IDE controller for storage
I setup a 50 mb drive (IDE Primary Master) and a 4 GB Amithlon drive (IDE Primary Slave) and a cdrom using .iso files (IDE Secondary Master).
Windows DirectSound
Network adapter bridged
-PCnet Fast III (kernel 3)
-Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop (Kernel 4)
No serial
USB 2.0 (ECHI)

Follow the guides and install like a normal system. Pop in the FreeDOS .iso, fdisk and all the 50 mb drive, pop in the Amithlon CD and copy the isolinux folder over and the kernel you want to use. Edit the amithlon file and small file for you kernel choice and go.

Once loadlin @amithlon boots the amithlon_hd system, use that to add/partition the 4 GB drive you set aside for Amithlon/AmigaOS. Install 3.9 to it and set it as bootable and then use loadlin @small to launch with your installed Amithlon setup.

I use dynamic hard drive sizing in VB so they take up space as needed and you can set whatever size you want. You could if needed always add another drive on the secondary IDE slave channel.
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