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Originally Posted by liveevil View Post
I am currently using Windows 7. I thought it would automatically work because my screen doesn't dim on WinUAE.
Please see if the following version works for you:
I added SetThreadExecutionState(ES_CONTINUOUS | ES_DISPLAY_REQUIRED) to try and prevent display from sleeping.

(FS-UAE does not share system layer input/video/audio code with WinUAE, as it needs to work on multiple platforms).

Originally Posted by liveevil View Post
I tried the '1080X Ambermoon Bezel Theme' but the df1 df2 drive lights don't seem to do anything on the picture so I take it they weren't implemented on the theme. I'll give the themes a miss for now.
You may then be interested in the following post:

Originally Posted by liveevil View Post
What are all the buttons for on the joypad config ? I only use a USB SNES pad because Amiga joysticks only had one button ? After configuring my pad it didn't work, so I went back to the config screen and all my buttons had dissapeared. I set them again and it works now but I don't think it keeps on screen the buttons that I set.
The configuration program just configures the physical locations of all the buttons. Not all buttons actually does anything yet. But one reason this is done is so new features can be added to already configured controllers. For example, I recently added an auto-fire toggle function to one of the shoulder buttons. Also, CD32 emulation requires more buttons, CD32 gamepads looks somewhat like SNES gamepads. So your SNES pad have more than enough buttons, just map the ones you have against d-pad, start, select, north, south, east, west and left and right shoulder buttons.

The joystick configuration program does not load the existing configuration, it will start with a new one -so it's not an error when it starts with a "blank slate".

Could you send me the resulting configuration if you have mapped all the buttons on your SNES pad as closely as possible? Send to (or attach to a post) and I'll then include the config in the next version of FS-UAE.

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