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Originally Posted by yesplease View Post
Hi Frode,
about the joystick configuration. I learned how to setup a controller file, with the joystick config tool inside the launcher. (unfortunately in osx mountain lion, it doesn't launch anymore, because Apple has deinstalled the default X11 system since this version, but it asks you whether you want to reinstall it at least)
The launcher (nor the joystick config tool) isn't supposed to require X11... -Can someone else with OS X 10.8 let me know if the joystick config tool works out of the box?

Originally Posted by yesplease View Post
But I have another approach. I assume the most joysticks more or less comply to the default mapping, right? (at least for simple 4 directions and fire). Why not first detect the controller files for the joysticks plugged in and use that for them (as FSUAE does already today), and additionally for plugged in joystick controllers which do not have a controller mapping file, FSUAE can just automatically map them to the most generic default mapping. That way at the end, almost every simple joystick might work out of the box, without having to bother about to specify a controller file.

I saw this for example for the "virtual c64" emulator for osx, which just understands every simple controller you plugged in.

what do you think ?
Yes, for Amiga, this is actually viable. With e.g. SNES or CD32 with many buttons and no standard for button layout on gamepads, it isn't possible to provide a good default setup. But Amiga with only one fire button is a bit simpler I have thought about providing the following default mapping for Amiga: Primary axes and hat (if present) mapped to up/down/left/right, and with other joystick buttons all mapped to fire. (CD32 would still require a configured controller).
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