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No, you don't need LoadModule, LoadResident or RemLib to load the icon.library on OS 3.1.4, that's done automatically.

It's all ok with your icons on your screenshot, but installing another icon.library does not mean that you will also get new icons.

So, which type of icons would you like to have? Just the planar 8-color MWB icons or some ColorIcons (GlowIcons) like those in your system drawer? It may also depend on how fast your CPU is, if it would make sense to install any better looking more colorful iconsets. There is an AmigaOS-3.1.4-IconPack.lha available from Hyperion. Read the 3.1.4 FAQ about how to install GlowIcons.

Or you can use the CopyIcon tool from Stephan Rupprecht which comes with my icon.library package in the ThirdParty/CopyIcon drawer. Then you can simply drag a source icon into its window on the left side and a target icon on the right to copy the images. That works with every iconset, even with OS4 or PNG icons. But for using TC020 and TrueColor icons you need a very fast CPU, 40 MHz or more.

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