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Great! So glad your problem has been worked out. =) You should buy some beer for the person who helped you out by burning the GALs for ya. xD Shenzen can be a magical place (though I hear it's getting harder for foreigners living in China).

btw later if you do go the FastATA route be aware that it hits your CPU *hard* due to its PIO nature. If you get a DMA SCSI controller and find one of those rare SCSI-to-SD or SCSI-to-SATA adapters, it runs way smoother, especially if you ever get a CPU card with a SCSI controller.

Best solution is the (now impossible-to-find) Deneb running in DMA mode, let you use any USB 2.0 mass storage device in DMA mode. I wish someone would recreate the Deneb.
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