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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I'm sure that the PIO2 mod works fine with A3640@25MHz and A3660@50MHz.

Perhaps your A3640 is overclocked? Even then I think it works fine.

I think you should talk to Cosmos and maybe he can help you debug your PIO2 and/or supply some PIO0 GAL's.
Thanks... But this guy is in France and I am based near Shenzhen in China. I can easily source the IC's here at the electronic market if I know the part numbers of the ICs, that's not a problem. Also for burning the roms is not a problem, because I know some Chinese on the electronics market here with the equipment who can do this. I just need to provide them the empty IC's with the files and tell them what to do.

I already downloaded the original rom files (Thanks for the link hooverphonique). First I will try to put it back in the original state and test again. I will also get an extra pair of IC's where I will burn the latest PIO2 files, also test these one. Maybe the IC's currently inside are faulty? At least I can just easily remove them without soldering. Let's see..

Regarding overclocking 3640, I am not sure. How can I see that? It doesn't look like it's over-clocked in SysInfo.
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