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Originally Posted by Glen M View Post
No I'm fairly sure the CD32 was the best selling console in the UK in 1993 and so much so that Commodore could not keep up the demand.

To get this thread back on topic though I honestly don't see a mini Amiga designed for the retail masses ever hitting the shelves, be that by 2030 or whenever. There isn't enough appetite for it.

I disagree as it would cover all generations of Amiga, just be a CD32 mini case.
This would give an advantage over the Mega drive mini as it had fewer games and its only one generation (unless the master system games are on it?)
The Amiga dominated the school playground talk and swapping of games in my year. The minority with the mega drive and even less with the Snes were Jealous of the number of games that were easily available. They did have the load times advantage and slightly better frame rates. But that didn't matter when you had around 10 games for every one of theirs.
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