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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
It's hardly a "security hole" just because a site uses normal HTTP.

HTTPS was designed for banking and similar uses, it was never intended for it to be used on every site. And it causes site compatibility problems with a lot of browsers.
HTTPS used to be quite server-heavy due to the extra CPU loading but today that is no longer much of an issue. I see no reason not to support HTTPS today on all sites even hobbyist sites like this one. What compatibility problems could it cause? Most browsers will now show warnings if you log on to a non HTTPS site and I don't think it will be long until it will be blocked as standard since it is a major potential security hole.

Blocking plain HTTP access altogether would not be nice on a site like this as it is still useful to be able to access with Amigabrowsers etc. that cannot handle SSL, but that doesn't exclude that there could be a HTTPS version for whenever you're on a PC.
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