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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
This is not using the AT&T ABI so is not comparable to what alkis posted. What option did you use to get it to pass arguments in registers?
Originally Posted by nogginthenog View Post
Same as alkis.
Very strange that the AT&T (stack args) ABI would not be used, especially with the same options. The Amiga Geek Gadgets guys tried to introduce a more efficient ABI using registers in the unofficial Amiga GCC versions up to 3.4.0 (good idea but buggy in my experience as was the RTD support). The official GCC maintainers refused to consider anything but the AT&T ABI for the 68k, including customizable register arguments for functions, while they supported several ABIs for the x86/x86_64 for years (regparm and fastcall among a wide selection). No new ABI was introduced even for the ColdFire although the MOV3Q was introduced primarily for popping the arguments off the stack since RTD was removed (because RTD support was buggy in GCC?). I don't know if the failed support for the 68k/CF is because of incompetence or bias but probably some of both by the GCC developers and the 68k/CF developers.
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