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Originally Posted by Vollldo View Post
count on me to be a kick asses provider [...]
go to fuck off, and be happy that at this moment you're cowardly protected behind your screen to attack personnal people's life, because a slap wouldn't be a luxury. Come here and tell me this face to face, if ever you dare, dick trolls
Yeah sure, you are the decent person here, the one actually threatening with physical violence.
Such deviances would have been directly banned on another forum
You are the one who would have gotten banned in any other forum, much faster than you were allowed to spill bile in this thread. You got it to the point that you have threatened people. Good job. This forum is SO lenient that you are still here insulting people and telling them you'll punch them in real life, and you even get a mod trying to reason with you after you wrote that pile of shit you wrote above insulting absolutely everyone.
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