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Vollldo, I’d prefer not to have to close the thread but if this continues then you will leave us no choice.

What I would really like to happen is for you to chill out a bit and stop attacking people who don’t agree with you

You know that I’m one of those that don’t think the Amiga version of Rainbow Islands needs a palette change... That’s ok, it’s my opinion.

Saying that, I do think it’s great that you’re undertaking a project in your own time to correct issues that bother you, even better if others appreciate this also

...but just remember that it may not be universal. Who cares though right? You're doing this because you want the change and it shouldn't matter if others disagree.

Anyway, please try to keep this thread polite / respectful and don’t take it so personal when people disagree with what you deem to be the perfect solution.

Let's all move forward please.
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