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Doesn't look like it's getting back much of anything -

Console output was the same:
Debug/progress shown here. Close this window to abort!

Loading main GUI.
Waiting for input.
Creating C:\EAB-WHDDL\Download\2018-07-19
Outdir: C:\EAB-WHDDL\Download\2018-07-19
Open: 0x00000001
Conn: 0x00000002

Starting work on Commodore_Amiga_-_WHDLoad_-_Games
Change dir to /Commodore_Amiga/Retroplay/ (1 is OK) : 1
Current dir: /Commodore_Amiga/Retroplay
$Err=18   $sFTP_Message:
Is this using dotNET at all? Wine's handling of .NET often goes a bit wonky.
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