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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
Not happy, just found out my order from Amigakit was sent by fedex. Fedex charge brokerage fees to the end user on international deliveries which are above and beyond regular customs fees. I was told heavy items are shipped by fedex when previous heavier items were shipped via Royal Mail.
You shouldn't worry about that. It's not the same as when you're recieving something shipped by Fedex or UPS ground from the states. I do quite a bit of shipping/receiving so..

With canada post these are the rules. anything over $30 you're charged $5 processing fee and GST/PST or HST. they usually let it slide up to $39.
If the package is marked as Gift or Sample they'll only charge the $5+GST&PST/HST if the value is over $60.

Fedex, shipped with Inernational economy or Priority (like Amigakit ships to canada) only charge a $10 fee and the GST/PST+HST. So it's $5 more than canada post. It's also possible to avoid the $10 fee if you have a fedex account and pay for the taxes up front..
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