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I'm stunned Fusion does not handle that mid line change, Steve Snake the author apart from being a dev in real life was a megadrive dev with games like NBA Jam being his coding, when it came to Kega / Fusion he was ultra keen on accuracy.

Nice guy too, made some furniture for him, showed me his megadrive dev kit etc.

But to return it more on topic, I'm ok on filters that mimic how the machine looked in the wild, so things like scanlines, composite filters are real nice but these filters that actually alter the look of things beyond how it really looks just don't do a thing for me. Cleaning up the jaggies is one thing that I'll admit I 'cheat' on but that's as far as I cheat.

I want to see my Amiga how it looked, not as a cartoon look...

Good thing we have the choice
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