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Originally Posted by Ziaxx View Post
Thank you, there it was, looks like I had it already!

Still missing disk 2 though, in case anyone has it.
As what i remember. The Anarchy jury created those 5 disks for the party, so everybody at the party place could have a look onto the packs and the demos to gave the rankings.
And disk 2 must be the Enigma demo. Or was it disk 6 and disk 2 is missing.?!? i can't remember! Sorry.
But if there is a 6th disk around. It is lost for the moment.
The disk archiving was arranged by ___ with the help of MAC/TSB, zinko/TPB, Newton & Conan/Rebels Nosferatu/Razor 1911 and Vital&amon, atfm/black monks, Deature/Humanoids, and The Special Brothers, Andreas, Solo/TNG, scsi/Betrayl, and also TMB/Scoopex, Bladerunner, Hansie, Mr.Spiv, Reward, Jol005x, and Magic Mushroom and Break & Jope. Uploaded to the internet, as most all the other files on and kestra/bitfellas as output-system
and Break's

bye bye
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