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Meanwell Power Supply


I know this has been covered here a fair bit, but I wanted to show you mine, which I finished tonight and get some feedback on my findings.

I was given a faulty A500/600 PSU by my friend and when i turned it on it was oscillating really loudly and producing little to no output. I know that in the past this particular PSU had failed and been repaired, so I wasnt interested in trying to save it.

I'd been reading this thread and Ian Steadmans PSU guide and saw mention of the RPT-60B, so I decided this would be a good candidate for putting in this box.

I have it installed, sitting on stand-offs, and on a brass plate, which ties the 2 earth points together nicely, and the shield and shield ground pin is main earth referenced. This is one curiosity as my big heavy old Type 1 A500 Linear supply doesn't have continuity between these 2 pins, but the shield is mains earth referenced.

The other pins connect into the PSU, to the +5, +12, -12, and COM. I didn't fit an inline fuse because one of the few good things about living in the UK is the superior fused plugs we have. Plus the PSU has 2 (albeit soldered) fuses on board (T2.5A, 250v).

I noticed some concern about the RT-50B needing loading with power resistors to make it stable, and I haven't done that in the case of the RPT-60B, as I'm seeing a constant +5.02v, +11.75v & -11.81v without load.

So far I've only tested it with the Amiga 500 once, and all seemed fine. Is there anything I should change or be concerned about?

I haven't probed it with the scope while under load yet, either.

Click image for larger version

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EDIT: Looks as though the Shield pin isnt connected at all on my Type 1 A500 Linear supply

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