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Originally Posted by Krashan View Post
  • PCMCIA plug, for example Molex 146749-4. Note that regular female pin header 2×34, 1.27 mm pitch won't work, due to different pin diameter. Checked it for myself.
  • PCMCIA socket, I use Molex 53484-6811. Note however this one is reversed, it means it is designed to be placed on the bottom side of PCB if the card faces upper side up.
  • Two male 2×34 pin headers, pitch 1.27 mm. I use SMT ones.
  • Two IDC connectors matching the above headers (2×34, 1.27 mm).
  • Ribbon cable, 68 wires, 0.635 mm pitch.
I use the same parts (except of the cables) in my KA02 and KA37 products sold under brand.
I have to ask you have made this what was the price in the end ?
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