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I did a mistake in cheaping out on getting a non branded 8GB Compact Flash card for £6 ( It failed after 3 days of use but at least I will get a refund.

I have ordered a genuine San Disk 8GB Compact Flash card for £14

In the mean time I have learned about the different types of file systems. I have redone the 4GB Compact Flash using SmartFileSystem following this guide 'How to add a 8 GB Compact Flash hard drive to your Amiga 1200 (works with 4 GB too)' ( [ Show youtube player ]). That guide has a link to HDToolBox V6.9 that mostly shows correct drive capacity and partition sizes. But there are still some incorrect numbers. I have found that Classic Workbench - with patched V43. 24 scsi.device (for A1200) in Devs: won't boot on my A1200 with a Individual ACA1221EC accelerator plugged in with either the MapRom function disabled or enabled. But without scsi.device file in Devs: Classic WB can boot fine.

Going from Bloodywych guide ( I should be ok without needing a scsi.device to update the ROM if all I need is up to 8 GB hard disk device support.

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