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Responding to myself in case someone else searches for this in the future. This is how you do it for the above example:
#include <exec/exec.h>
#include <dos/dos.h>

#include <proto/exec.h>
#include <proto/dos.h>

struct ExecBase *SysBase = NULL;
struct DosLibrary *DOSBase = NULL;

__startup AROS_PROCH(Something, arguments, argumentsLength, sysBase) {

	SysBase = sysBase;
	DOSBase = (struct DosLibrary *) OpenLibrary("dos.library", 0);
	if(NULL != DOSBase) {
		Printf("Hello world!\n");
	CloseLibrary((struct Library *) DOSBase);
	return 0;

And compile with:
gcc -nostartfiles -o helloamiga helloamiga.c

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